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About the factory

ALC "Kalibr" was founded in 1968. The company specializes in the production of small-sized metric fasteners for instrumentation and the electrical industry. The experience accumulated over decades allows the plant to maintain its position in a saturated market, to be a flexible and efficient partner for many industrial enterprises and organizations in our country.The infrastructure of the plant allows to carry out within the enterprise all stages of the production process from raw materials to finished products. This makes it possible to control the entire production cycle and guarantee the stable quality of manufactured products.Production facilities include 250 units of metalworking equipment: cold heading and thread rolling machines, screw-cutting lathes, drawing machines, guillotine and sheet bending machines. Own galvanic area allows you to apply a protective coating of zinc, nickel and copper. Production has a packaging area. The offered products can be shipped both by weight and by quantity, packaged in cardboard packaging.A well-equipped factory laboratory, together with the quality control department, allows us to adhere to all the norms and standards necessary for fasteners. Engineers and adjusters of the Kalibr plant have extensive experience in designing and manufacturing more than 200 types of non-standard productsThe development in the production of metric fasteners and the ever-increasing competition, not only from manufacturers, but also from large imports, form new requirements for products. Tracking market trends, the KALIBR plant is constantly increasing the range of fasteners and their quality. In addition, the equipment park is constantly updated.