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For decades, the Caliber plant has been producing hardware that is indispensable in many manufacturing, repair and construction areas - bolts, which are fasteners, on one side of which there is a head, on the other - a metal rod. There are a huge number of varieties of bolts: the parts differ in the shape of the head, in their purpose, in the strength of the material, in the method of fastening, in the diameter of the threaded rod, and our company strives to satisfy any customer requests, constantly expanding the range of products.We work with carbon alloyed and non-alloyed steels and produce bolts in various strength classes. At the same time, bolts remain the most popular hardware, indispensable for connecting parts of industrial fasteners, agricultural machines, instrumentation, motorcycle and automotive industries. The strength characteristics of hardware directly depend on the chosen manufacturing technology. This is mainly automatic and semi-automatic cold or hot knurling followed by heat treatment. Completes the coating process.