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Screw metric furniture DIN 967 with a press washer and a semicircular head
The DIN 967 press washer screw with metric thread and pan head has a universal slot that fits both slotted and crosshead screwdrivers.
Countersunk head screw DIN 965
DIN 965 metric countersunk head screw is excellent for joining parts where it is required that fasteners do not protrude above the surface plane.
Screw metric DIN 7985 with round head
Gvint DIN 7985 with a head in the form of a nap_vsferi for safe closing of details. Zastosovuєtsya in assembly with nuts, washers and as an independent fastening for parts, as already can be cut.
Screw with cylindrical head GOST-1491-80 accuracy classes A and B
Screw GOST-1491-80 is made from carbon steel, and, as a rule, may not be covered with anti-corrosion coating. The part is a metal stud with a deep groove, which ends with a swollen cylindrical head, as it is secured with a straight slot.
DIN 7380 semicircular furniture screw with hexagon socket, strength class 4.8
Screw with semi-countersunk head GOST-17474-80 accuracy classes A and B
The GOST–17474–80 screw with a semi-countersunk head has a straight or cross slot, and is equipped with a full thread on a metal rod. The hardware can be made of stainless carbon steel, in some cases - of brass, and is also protected by galvanization from corrosion and a variety of mechanical damage.
Countersunk screw GOST-17475-80 accuracy classes A and B
The GOST–17475–80 screw is made of carbon steel. The part consists of a metal rod with a full thread and a countersunk head with a straight or cross slot. Accuracy class - A and B. The threaded diameter of the hardware is from 1 mm to 2 cm.
Screw with a semicircular head GOST-17473-80 accuracy classes A and B version 1
Screw GOST-17473-80 is a carbon steel rod with a thread along the entire length, ending in a semicircular head with a cross-shaped or straight slot. Accuracy class - A and B, threaded diameter - from 1 mm to 2 cm. The screw is available both uncoated and galvanized. Galvanization protects the part from corrosion, scratches and various mechanical damage.
Self-tapping screw with semicircular head GOST-11650-80
The GOST-11650 self-tapping screw (self-tapping screw) is a fastener, which is a metal stud with a sharp end truncated at an angle of 40 degrees on one side and a semicircular head on the other. The thread of the part is large, single-threaded.
Since 1968, the largest enterprises-consumers of fasteners have been using hardware produced by the domestic plant "Caliber". And today it is here that high-quality screws are produced that fully comply with DIN and GOST standards. We remind you: screws are fasteners, on the one hand in the form of a metal rod with an external thread, on the other - in the form of a structural element, the main task of which is the transmission of torque. The structural element of the part can be made in the form of a rod, a washer, a head of various types. In some varieties of the screw there is a headrest.The connection of fasteners with screws is used in almost all sectors of the construction industry and production. With all the variety of varieties of parts, the most significant is the classification by purpose. According to it, all screws can be divided into 2 large groups: those designed for detachable connections (mounting screws) and those designed to securely fix parts (set screws). Also in practice, the name "screw" is often used. This is a special kind of screw with a rarer thread and a conical taper at the end.The most traditional are screws with metric threads, the so-called. "metrics". Such fasteners are made of structural steel with a strength class of 4.8 and higher.
The scope of metric screws is quite wide: instrument making, electrical engineering, various areas of mechanical engineering. Countersunk and pan head screws are ideal for assembling various metal structures and partings. A screw with a press washer is indispensable in furniture production. And flat head screws are traditionally used in electrical appliances.