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Nuts - fasteners with a threaded hole, forming a strong connection with a bolt, screw or stud. A lock washer can be additionally used to prevent spontaneous loosening. A structural element of a part for transmitting torque can be a polyhedron, splines, knurling on the side surface, radial and end holes. Nuts are rightfully considered one of the most common fasteners, which find their application in almost every industrial field in the mechanical assembly areas of production, as well as in construction and household repairs.The Kalibr plant produces the most popular types of nuts - hex nuts. Their main advantage is the ability to mount with any wrench. However, taking into account the wishes of our customers, we can produce hardware of non-standard shape, for example, a square nut, indispensable in instrument making and the electrical industry. Nuts are produced from high-quality steel in strict accordance with the requirements of DIN and GOST standards. Hardware is produced both without coating, and after the procedure of copper plating and galvanizing.