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The plant "Kalibr" launched the production of screws - fasteners in the form of a metal rod with a head. The head is equipped with a slot - straight or cruciform. The hardware rod consists of a smooth part (closer to the head) and an external thread (closer to the end), and the diameter of both parts is the same. The task of the screw thread is to form an internal thread in the parts to be joined.The scope of screws is quite wide - hardware is widely used in everyday life and furniture production, in installation and construction work. The choice of a part is determined primarily by the base material, for each of which screws are produced with the necessary thread and head shape: semicircular and round, countersunk and semi- countersunk, hexagonal and square.Screws are designed exclusively for screwing into soft bases: as a rule, wood or plastic. In this case, the hole for the fastener may either not be drilled at all, or it may be drilled with a diameter of about 70% of the diameter of the screw thread. It should be borne in mind that a thread cut with a screw in a soft material, unlike screw connections, can withstand a small number of repeated twists (1 - 100), especially in cases where the material is thin enough.