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Rivets are a fastening element and the main part of a riveted joint in the form of a metal rod or pipe with a captive head. In the process of riveting the hardware, a closing or upsetting head is formed. Rivets are used to create one-piece joints in civil engineering, light industry, household repairs, shipbuilding and aircraft building.At present, rivets are practically replaced by welding and bolted joints due to the slow process of assembling the rivet structure, and the too noisy process of mounting hardware. However, there are situations in which rivets are indispensable. For example, the need to fix structures in places where access to a future connection is difficult, where it is necessary to exclude structural changes in the metal, overheating of adjacent parts, and warping of the structure.Rivets are often the only way to join non-weldable or hard-to-weld, dissimilar materials, as well as to prevent the propagation of a fatigue crack from one part to another. Given the importance of such connections, the team of the Kalibr plant could not but include the most popular type of rivet - under the hammer - into the range of products.