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The washer is that fastener element that is often overlooked. But, despite the supporting role of hardware, at the Caliber plant they take its production with all seriousness. So, a washer is a flat metal part, which is a disk with a hole in the middle. It is placed under the head of a screw, bolt, screw, self-tapping screw in order to prevent self-unscrewing of the fastener due to the elastic deformation of the hardware under load.In addition, the washer allows you to increase the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe supporting surface, and provides the opportunity to increase the tightening of the connection, while protecting the surface of the fastened parts from mechanical punching and deformation. Also, the hardware should be used when there is a danger of the head of the screw or bolt falling into the hole of the part. In other cases, the use of flat washers is considered impractical.When using a washer in a fastener connection, it is important to avoid tilting the fastener. Only then will the screw or any other fastener with a metric thread be tightened firmly and evenly parallel to the surface of the product. Washers are used in all branches of light and heavy industry, in assembly and construction works.