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In the assortment of the Kalibr plant there are studs - fasteners in the form of a metal rod with threads at both ends or along the entire length of the base. The parts have a standard metric thread and can be connected to each other with connecting nuts.The main purpose of the studs is to build up metric fastening structures in construction, mechanical engineering, assembly and installation work. Also, hardware can be used to tighten and connect metal parts and wooden structures with smooth or threaded holes. The stud is not an independent part, and is used in conjunction with nuts, and to prevent material from being pressed through and to prevent self-unscrewing of fasteners, spring or flat washers are used, which are placed under the nuts.The dimensions of the studs are determined based on the length of the part and the size of the thread. It is also worth noting that for the correct installation of the part, it is necessary to choose a stud a little more than the prescribed length. It is easier to cut off the remainder with a grinder or a hacksaw than to add the missing fastener. In general, the advantages of studs as a fastener include reliability, the ability to adjust the density of fasteners and the creation of sufficiently strong connections.