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Welded fasteners DIN 32501 - a type of fastener that is point-mounted on metal products. A screw, stud or nut with a special copper coating is fixed to the product using capacitor welding. This hardware has a round cap with a cylindrical ledge. The tail in the center of the cap allows you to accurately position the installation site of the fastener. In addition, the protrusion on the cap, melting during the passage of an electric discharge, melts and provides a reliable connection of the screw with the plane.Welded fasteners are used as point threaded fasteners on massive structures or sheet blanks for subsequent fixation of any threaded parts on them. Also, a welded stud or screw can be used as a grounding point. The simplicity and manufacturability of this fastener leads to the widespread use of welding in the manufacture of metal furniture, shelving, pipe structures and metal frames.