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Hexagon head bolt GOST-7798-70 accuracy class B, version 4

Bolts GOST 7798-70 are used in construction, mechanical engineering, industrial and manufacturing industries. Also suitable for installation of equipment and structures in conjunction with anchor sleeves and drive-in anchors. Bolts GOST–7798–70 are one of the most versatile types of fasteners. They are made of galvanized and hot dip galvanized steel. The part has a hexagonal head, with a shape according to GOST, version 4, in the form of a half-empty base of the head and belongs to the B-accuracy class. The diameter of the thread on the cylindrical rod can be 6 - 48 mm. The total length of the fastener is a maximum of 300 mm.
GOST-7798-70 bolts are used during fastening of rigid metal structures in mechanical engineering, instrument making, for connecting flanged pipeline structures. Installation of hardware is carried out using a nozzle for a hex head or a wrench.

Bolt dimensions GOST 7798-70

Diameter Thread Pitch Head Height Wrench Size
large small
М4 0,7 - 2,8 7
М5 0,8 - 3,5 8
М6 1 - 4 10
М8 1,25 1 5,3 13

Complies with GOST 7805-70, ISO 4017, DIN 933.

GOST documentation