Stud with screwed end GOST-22032-76. Version 1

One-sided hairpin GOST 22032-76 has the form of a metal rod with two threaded ends. In this case, one end of the screwed-in part has a constant length. The part is made of stainless or carbon steel, belongs to the accuracy class B.To create a strong fastening, a one-sided stud GOST 22032–76 is used together with washers and nuts of a suitable diameter. The part is most in demand in instrument making, mechanical engineering, machine tool building and other industries. The main purpose of the stud is to connect brass, bronze, steel structures, as well as parts made of titanium alloys.
Nominal thread diameter
6 8
Stem diameter Version 1 6 8
Version 2 5.3 7.3
Length of screw-in end L1 6 8
Stud length (from/to) 20-300
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