Stud with screwed end GOST-22032-76. Execution 2

A double-sided screw-in stud GOST 22032–76 is a metal cylinder, 2 to 48 mm long, with a double-sided thread from 6 to 24 mm (the same length on both sides) and a center gap. The part was manufactured according to accuracy class B.Studs GOST 22032–76 are used to connect parts, assemblies and metal structures. To do this, the fasteners are supplemented with the necessary elements: a threaded hole, a nut of the appropriate diameter or a metal dowel. This hardware is most in demand in plumbing, construction, automotive and other industries.
Nominal thread diameter
6 8
Stem diameter Version 1 6 8
Version 2 5.3 7.3
Length of screw-in end L1 6 8
Stud length (from/to) 20-300
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